28 febrero 2006

GoInG bAcK tO NE.

Once upon a time there was a land called “The Heartland” where corn and herd were much easier to find than skylines or big neon signs. In the old wild times, it used to be the background for cowboys and indians and now home of the cornhuskers. That was the place that was calling…….calling for me.

Yeah, lately I’ve been seriously thinking in going back to NE. It’s strange, it shouldn’t be a hard decision, but in fact it is. Am I getting scared of finding new events that I might not “be eager” to know??? Or it’s just that I don’t want to spend my money in the “Great Plains” where there’s nothing too amazing except for my loved ones? Aren’t they worthy to travel all the way long just to meet them?

I guess, I’d never had thought in going back to the Heartland, but I need to go. I need to say thank you and show them how important were for me….every single one of them. Somehow, everything started there and that’s why in some aspects I feel part of them. I feel like one of them. I must tell them how deep they got in me & that nothing was in vain. Every moment spent, every quotation said, every remark was a note in this huge melody that everyday I play.

They gave me tools to struggle in life. I learnt to deal with problems, to be alone but not left out, that sometimes is good to be spanked, and the joy of a good chat using a foster language that I never could get closer unless I’d have worn their own shoes. I guess that was the major lesson, the master class. What a great exercise is to face things from your point of view and not mine! How can I know the moon if I just see one face of it? Who can say “I know” if he or she never has experienced “how is it like?”

The key that now I hold, it has opened many doors, and has multiplied those chats with many others, giving me the chance to go further and further! (Actually, I never thought I could get that far going against all the odds!). I guess, one might not see anything worthy at the Great Plains, but for me, in there I found a treasure. A new self, and my precious key that already has opened my eyes, my ears and myself to places unseen, locked and forbidden for most of us.
I should go back where everything started..........Once upon a time there was a girl named Fiona, who could speak weird tongues.....

21 febrero 2006

La princesa y la ogra.

Este va a ser un post muy especial, a la antigua….escrito casi con papel y lápiz y plasmado prácticamente en la papelería del reino. Es que en estos días el MODEM ya no es el mismo de antes y me ha fallado en un momento crucial….hoy hablaré de mi:
Fiona, la princesa y ogra.

Vivo en un reino heredado por mi padre, aquí soy la única princesa de la comarca y vivo tranquila con mi dragón regalón. El es mi custodio, mi defensor y mi amigo. Ya sé pensarán que me equivoqué porque en la historia “según Hollywood” se trata de una dragona, mmm…pero ya saben el business es el business qué más da dar algunos retoques a la historia original? Total el burro de Shrek tenía que hacer pareja con alguien!

Como sabrán soy una princesa muy especial, de día soy una y de noche una ogra….por qué será que pese a que interiormente soy la misma, la gente prefiere mi rostro más amable al verde y rechonchito? ? He sabido que el estilo delgado y europeo se lleva pero qué es sólo eso sino la punta del iceberg?

Uds, mis súbditos a cuál prefieren?

15 febrero 2006